Monday, December 31, 2012

throat chakra

it's not a noise but a silence
a wave gathering its skirts
let's not waste our time here
building castles out of sand
though it can't be understood
by the butcher we'll bleat out
our lamb song

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

see, he overcomes his fear

the very form informed by fear
far from distant deeps or skies
the humble horse lays his teeth
to the gentle summer's grass
while his ears attend its rustling.
hulking eyes search each view
foreseeing just that predator.
his feet made hard by the flight.

we marvel at his power
but he does not believe in it.
subjugated by the arrogant whip
or by love,
he carries his master into battle.

false children's stories

alas, there is no magic that can turn a person human.

and another thing:
mermaids do have legs, they are just bound up.
by the scales.
and we can breathe air, it just