Tuesday, September 18, 2012

prescience of dawn

where was the tiny restaurant i first tried chirashi
the lights were blue and the waitress apologized
so many times i felt sorry and left the biggest tip.
they didn't check i.d. so we had japanese beers.

i keep thinking how ungrateful i have been because
i have lived such a beautiful life without any success
that i could claim for myself.  at the time i never saw
how gentle i would end up becoming, truly.
how could you, who saw it all along, have missed
the broken pieces hiding in my manufactured chaos.
you should have known i couldn't give it up, nope.
in my elegant clothes i can only be confident in the

Sunday, September 9, 2012


wrapped in a towel
naked and dripping
onto the hardwood,
sitting in the room
that used to be mine
in my parents' house.

my sister gretchen
is having a girl.
the shower's today,
and i'm wondering
why nobody likes
confessional pomes.

not even i like them.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


in morning before alarms
before the sunrise.
that solid sense of darkness -
God's hands pressing down
on the filmy barrier
between our tiny
universe or whatever
and His complete one -
that's the feeling that i get
looking at you now.

the tight and velvet embrace
erupting from a
distant relative's flapping
fat arms. and kisses
from her avon lipstick lips.
her powder perfume
flooding each nasal corner.
finally her eyes
just like all the other eyes